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We specialise in chronic cases and with people who feel they ran out of options or those who want an effective alternative approach. At Health By The Bay we developed a powerful framework that will set you on your path to achieving your goals because
It's All About You
Your Health Your Way


At Health By The Bay you can choose or combined or focus on any of the following services:

* Homeopathy
* Stress Management - Living Calm
* Wellness Through Weight Loss
* Health Mentoring
* Health Research
* Laughter Yoga (Laughter Therapy)
* Workshops & Training
* Consulting

Stress Management
Health By The Bay developed the stress management program "Living Calm" This program is designed around your individual stress needs and works at your pace. The program uses a combination of skills development (for crisis situations) and life style changes to meet your needs. Living Calm is all about you getting to know what you need, when and how to use it optimally to enhance your performance.

Wellness Through Weight Loss
The Wellness Through Weight Loss Program (with Health Benefits) is based on Dr Simeons work a noted endocrinologist who developed a system that was set to change our understanding of weight problems forever.

Wellness Through Weight Loss Program is a great option for people who have not been able to achieve the body they want because of issues like:

* thyroid problems,
* allergies/sensitivities,
* they are unable to exercise,
* toxic overload,
emotional issues, etc.

Itís for anyone who has struggled with losing weight, or who needs to lose weight fast or who has struggled with their health and carrying excess weight is a contributing factor.


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